VLS Logger Privacy Policy

Using the application does not require entering personal data

The application does not have a server (backend) storing information. All information is stored locally on the user's phone.

Permissions in the application

  • The application can access the external storage. Storage access can be used to import and export communication logs. This permission is not necessary for the application to run. Sdcard read and write permissions are used for compatibility with older android versions.
  • Permission to the read location:
    is used to calculate the gridsquare and to write operator's position to the QSO log. This permission is not necessary for the application to run.
    The location is checked only when the application is running, in the main activity. The location is NOT checked in the background.
  • Internet access can be used by the export option and by the advertising banner. This permission is not necessary for the application to run

Cookie files

Cookies can be used in advertisements. See the "advertising" section.


In the application can be displayed ads

  • Third party suppliers, including Google, use cookies for displaying ads based on previous visits by the user.
  • Cookies to display ads allow Google and its partners to display specific ads to users the basis of their visits to your website and / or other websites online.
  • Users can opt out of personalized ads in Ads settings. Users can also opt out use of third-party cookies for display personalized ads. Just go to the website www.aboutads.info.
  • For more information, please visit: Google uses data collected when using websites and our partners' applications.

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